Thursday, February 5, 2009

Islamic Nations Dominate '09 Persecution List

Here is an interesting article that lists the countries that most severely persecute Christians. (HT: Tim Challies)

Monday, January 26, 2009

China Videos!

Pictures are great, but nothing describes a foreign land better than actual video footage. Here are several videos that depict different aspects of our trip to the Mainland.

The view from Sam and Joan's apartment, on the 19th floor.

Preparing to eat Hotpot!

Walking down a sidewalk I frequented almost every morning.

Crossing the street!

Trying to find transportation back across the river. This proved more difficult than we could have imagined.

Footage from the front of a bus going into a traffic jam!

A very crowded bus on the way back across the river. We were probably on the bus for at least an hour.

The line waiting to board the plane back to America. Lots of folks flying with us!

I hope you enjoyed seeing more of our trip to China. Thank you for your prayers while we were away.

China Pictures # 6-Almost Done

Almost done!

Watch out mama!

In case you don't know why that sign is funny...Warning: May not be suitable for children.

The Little Cub is all tuckered out after 10 crazy days, and she isn't at all excited about the upcoming 24 hours of travel.

It's a full flight! YES!!!

Videos are coming in the next post!

China Pictures #5

The fifth installment of pictures from our trip.

This is baozi, a meat filled, doughy...thing.

Sam and Joan's apartment.

Laurel holding up the Yellow Crane Tower.

On a ferry crossing the Yangzi River.

I liked this picture I took of an old man looking at the river.

Laurel in front of my breakfast dumpling restaurant.

This is where they prepared and cooked the dumplings. I'm salivating right now!

A closeup of the dumplings.

I'm about to dig in on my last day.

My favorite drink in China, besides Future Cola, is Hong Cha (Red Tea). Sun Yan Zi wasn't on the bottle anymore. Sad.

On the way to the airport as we are leaving.

China Pictures #4

And in case those were not enough...

Kicking it with some students from Annie's class.

Laurel and the guys who wish she wasn't married. Sorry dudes!

Me and Laurel with the teacher, Annie.


Laurel, Faith, David, and Riley. David and Faith have an awesome coffee shop ministry called Mr. Mai's in the city.

Me and Laurel and the students who were late for their next class because they wanted a picture with us.

Laurel and the most famous food in the city. Hot-dry noodles.

This is the street that I often walked down in the mornings.

Random Chinese guys who wanted their picture taken.

China Pictures #3

Here are several more China pictures.

Riley and Stephen

Laurel with some of the tea that we bought.

Looking down the food street where we had street food for lunch.

These kabobs cost about 10 cents each.

Lady, save the bread from the snot rocket!

The longest walking street in the world. 1,350 meters long. It is hazy because I was standing in the smoke of some cooking street food.

China Pictures #2-The Tea Shop

Here are some more pictures from our China trip. I hope that it is OK for me to post so many pictures. Also, I hope that breaking them up into different posts is the most convenient way to share them with you. If a more experienced blogger (Rich C.) knows a better way, please let me know.

In the tea shop with Stephen and his Uncle's friend who owns the shop.

Getting the tea ready to sample.

Riley+Chinese tea+tea shop in China=JOY!

Green tea, the way it is meant to be.

My kind of table!

This is how we left the table after a couple hours of sampling tea.

Outside of the shop after spending too much money on tea.