Monday, January 26, 2009

China Videos!

Pictures are great, but nothing describes a foreign land better than actual video footage. Here are several videos that depict different aspects of our trip to the Mainland.

The view from Sam and Joan's apartment, on the 19th floor.

Preparing to eat Hotpot!

Walking down a sidewalk I frequented almost every morning.

Crossing the street!

Trying to find transportation back across the river. This proved more difficult than we could have imagined.

Footage from the front of a bus going into a traffic jam!

A very crowded bus on the way back across the river. We were probably on the bus for at least an hour.

The line waiting to board the plane back to America. Lots of folks flying with us!

I hope you enjoyed seeing more of our trip to China. Thank you for your prayers while we were away.


Barak said...

I love seeing these pictures and videos. Listening to you narrate the video reminds me of when we were filming the dude outside of 7-11 in Austin.

Riley said...

Thanks Barak. Man, I haven't thought about 7-11 dude in a long time! Hope you are well.

Maggy said...

Riley I loved the pictures and the videos, just to see Sam and Joan is so neat,I laughed so hard at the crossing the street video,and also the bussines time one.
Hey keep in touch, we are getting ready to move to be part of JAARS for an internship.
David wouldlove to hear from you, here is his homepage