Friday, July 18, 2008

Stuff Christians Like: #345. Hand Raising Worship - The 10 Styles

I'm back on the porch. Chances are, if something makes me laugh out loud, I might share it with you. Case in point, the following post from Stuff Christians Like. Thanks for sharing this Rich.

Stuff Christians Like: #345. Hand Raising Worship - The 10 Styles

Seriously, if you want to laugh this will do the trick. It's good to be back.


Johnny and Alisha said...

Great post, Riley!

I have three to add:

1) The Condor (aka The Conductor)
This one is rare. I have only seen it once and the guy who did it disappeared soon after. To perform this correctly, you must be energetic yet graceful. The arms, elbows bent at 90 degrees, should flap like a bird but the motion is more of a forward-and-back than an up-and-down. As the name implies, one may also mistake this person for a orchestral conductor.

2) The Window Washer
Ladies only! No, I am not being sexist. It's just that no man would ever do this. This is a one-hand motion that appears as though you are gently and lovingly washing a window or cleaning the bathroom mirror.

3) The Shrug
Again, this one is rare. The hands are palm up but lifted to ear level with finger tips pointing away from the head. It is imperative that the hands be pulled in as close to the ears as possible. The shoulders are shrugged and the head is tilted to one side. A look of pain mixed with glee is also a distinguishing characteristic

Anonymous said...

great post. glad to see you are back on the porch!

The Cooks said...

Great post.

I'm definitely a Half & Halfer. If I'm at home -- I'm the YMCA for sure!

Jason's probably the Pound Cake!

Again, great post. We will definitely share it with friends.