Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Are We Thinking Anymore?

Oprah and Jesus on the Importance of Belief (Read This!)
How many millions of Christians are being deceived every single day? After touring the blog world today, I must admit that I am a little discouraged.

Often I am too blind to the ways my mind can be deceived by seemingly harmless things like New Age teaching on a TV program. As a Christian, I am supposed to be transformed by the renewing of my mind. Why do I allow the world to influence me so much more than Scripture? And I'm in Seminary!

My heart breaks for the millions of Christians out there who NEVER read the Bible and NEVER consider how their heart might be influenced away from Jesus by worldliness.

In fact, if a person claims to be a Christian but has no taste for God's Word, and doesn't feel that it is important to read the Bible, this might be a sign that their belief is more along the lines of Oprah, and not orthodox Christianity. Thoughts?

By the way, you can stop the video at the six minute mark. After that, God Tube gets goofy. God Tube, really? That is a different post.

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