Saturday, May 3, 2008

Celebrities Come Out to Party for Kentucky Derby

Celebrities Come Out to Party for Kentucky Derby

The Derby is big news here in Louisville this week. It is quite exciting to see the town abuzz with Derby fever. I was getting my hair cut at Bill's Barber Shop this morning and this young lady was walking down the sidewalk all dressed to the nines, derby hat and all.

There have been festivities going on for weeks. Even with all of the hoopla, I think that I am convinced that I like small town festivals better. With small town festivals, there is less traffic and hassle. Did I ever tell y'all about the time I won the Erath County mooing contest? See, that's what I'm talking about.


Johnny and Alisha said...

I can testify to the mooing contest. I was there. When it was his turn, Rilo stepped up to the mike at let out the longest and most unique moo that Stephenville had ever heard. It didn't take much deliberation before the judges made their decision. Riley was victorious, much to the disappointment of all the children he defeated.

Riley said...

Weren't there some adults I beat? Surely there were. I told Laurel that story last night. I couldn't believe that I had never told her before. Yep, that was a fine day in Rilo lore. I'm glad that y'all were there to share the moment.

Anne said...

Wow...Hannah will like this story!! She watched the horses race Saturday too. It was a good teaching lesson on what the numbers look like(on each horse), plus horses racing was all new to her.