Saturday, May 3, 2008

Turning a Conversation to Christ

Brad Thayer continues to be the only faithful blogger over at the Third Avenue Baptist Church Blog. In this post, he tells of how one of his Christian coworkers turns a conversation he was having with a customer about adoption into a conversation about Christ.

I was encouraged and challenged by this story. I was encouraged because it demonstrates how easy it is to get into a conversation with anyone about the gospel. I was challenged because I am certain that I don't engage people in gospel conversations nearly as often as God deserves.

The gospel is good news! God deserves for his people to tell the story of how Jesus came into the world to save sinners. God deserves for his people to tell others who are ignorant and rebellious towards him about his glory, holiness, majesty, mercy and grace. In short, God deserves to be known and worshiped by every single person that he has created. This can ONLY take place as lost people HEAR and BELIEVE the gospel.

People can not hear, if they are not told. If I am not telling, I am not obedient or faithful. If I am not obedient and faithful, I am not a disciple. If I am not a disciple, I am not in relationship with Christ. If I am not in relationship with Christ, I am cursed. If I am cursed, I am going to hell.

Lord, open my stubborn and rebellious mouth even TODAY, for your glory in the name of Christ, so that by my willingness to share the gospel it might be proved that I am actually a believer in you.

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