Wednesday, March 26, 2008

And Now John Will Come and Chuck a Discus....

I am going to be following this conversation about art and worship. I find this fascinating to think about. Well, maybe fascinating is too strong of a word. As I try to think through local church matters, this is something that is going to be coming up more and more so while I may not find the subject as fascinating as some, I still think it is important to consider. After you read Greg's post, be sure to follow the conversation in the comment section. Furthermore, let me know what you think about all of this (Rich Clark!)

By the way, if you are interested in issues pertaining to the local church, Church Matters is a blog you need to add to your favorites or Google Reader page.


Rich Clark said...

I do agree with Greg. I'm big on art. I think it's great. I think the church should encourage Christians to "redeem the arts," whatever that means. But I also believe strongly that God hasn't left us to "figure out" the corporate worship service. Scripture's pretty straightforward about what's supposed to take place there: preaching of the word, psalms, hymns, spiritual songs, prayer, the sacraments. That sort of thing.

The arts, it's just another thing we're supposed to do to the glory of God as individuals.

Riley said...

That's why I like talking to you Rich. You offer the best of both worlds. A passion for art and a passion for Scripture. I want to be like you when I grow up.