Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday's Porchin' It Video of the Week

One of the things I am going to try to do here at Porchin' It is share some of my favorite videos with you. Maybe I will call this feature "Fun Friday" or something. Although, as you will see in future videos, sometimes it is only fun for the person watching (grape stomp lady...coming soon). Man, with grape stomp lady it isn't really even fun for me, but it just has to be seen.

Alright, alright, since today is the inaugural "Fun Friday" I am going to give you two videos. The first one is Chewbacca Man (I love taser videos) and since I have already mentioned it, I'll throw in grape stomp lady for free. Actually, as I think about grape stomp lady, I might need to change the title of this feature to Friday's Porchin' It Video of the Week. When you see grape stomp lady, you will know why. Nothing fun there. Be sure and keep the sound up on all videos that I post. Without further adieu, I give you Chewbacca Man.


Lady Host: "Oh no, oh dear"
Man Host: "Oh boy, I think she's actually hurt there."
Lady Host: "No, I think she is."
Man Host: "Yeah, she's hurt"
Lady Host: "Youch"
Man Host: "She took a hard fall off there, boy"
Lady Host: "Ok"
Man Host: "Boy"
Man Host: "Gosh, I hope she's OK."
Lady Host: "OK"
Lady Host: "We're gonna make sure she is."
Man Host: "We'll try to check on her and get back to you as soon as we can."
Lady Host: "We'll be back right after this."
Lady Host: "Gee"
Riley: "WOW!"

And, because I love you...Grape Lady's Son (The actual title of this video).

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