Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Whole Sermon

"Confusing God and Government"

Thabiti Anyabwile, who blogs at Pure Church, posts a link to the whole Jeremiah Wright "God Damn America" sermon. He lists some very helpful questions to think about when listening to the sermon. In fact, his questions are most helpful when listening to any sermon.

1. What passage of Scripture is the preacher considering?

2. What are the major points of the sermon?

3. Do the major points/content of the sermon grow out of the text itself? Are the preacher's points the same points made by the text?

4. Does the preacher adequately situate the text and the sermon in the context of the chapter, book, and Bible?

5. How does the preacher illustrate his points? Are the illustrations helpful?

6. What are the preacher's main applications? Are the applications clearly related to the main point of the passage? How would you evaluate the usefulness of the applications?

7. Does the preacher make the gospel clear and urge his hearers to respond to the gospel?

8. What improvements might you recommend?

Thabiti has been VERY fair in his thoughts on Rev. Wright and I have found his posts on the subject helpful as I think through all the hoopla. Check out his blog and be sure to have a spirit of humility when thinking and talking about Rev. Wright and Barack Obama.

Note: To all of my friends at Southern and in L'ville who wonder why I link to blogs that most of you read all the time, not everyone who reads Porchin' It is from here and many of my friends have never heard of these blogs. Gracias.

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