Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Artless Christianity

Artless Christianity:

"Good art, in short, is excluded from the Christian domain if it depicts depravity, while terrible art is included so long as it is explicitly Christian and purges itself of realism।"
(HT: Christ and Pop Culture)


kbladd87 said...

are you taking one of dr. halla's classes?

Riley said...

Kristi, I'm not taking one of Halla's classes. I do find myself thinking a lot about these issues because of my friendship with a guy in my church named Rich. Anyway, I do understand this guy's point about Christians avoiding good art just because it isn't "Christian" enough and promoting BAD art just because it is "Christian." Christian music is a great example. So much of it just sucks so bad but Christians listen to it anyway. Then there is some really awesome secular music that some Christians avoid just because it comes from a different worldview. I think that this is an awesome thing to think through especially as Christians encounter popular culture on a daily basis. Thoughts???