Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Weird guy, little person, and trippin' on acid lady..Is everything really under control?

Well, after promising myself for a year that I would start a blog, here it is. Instead of a lengthy introduction, I want to jump right in.

This video was sent to me by Sam, a hunter who drives a big Ford truck and carries a large knife 16 hours a day (assuming he sleeps 8). Sam wears a Remington cap and wanted a deer stand for Christmas. Sam also loves 80's music and when he recently bought an iPod, the first music he uploaded was the "Rocky" soundtrack (for working out of course) and lots of 80's music.

I laughed really hard when I found out about Sam's love of 80's music because guys like him typically listen to Toby Keith and Brad Paisley (I want to check you for ticks). Sam was so amused by my reaction, he decided to send me a video that fully represents the aforementioned decade. I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to share it with you, my new readers...all two of you. Watch the whole thing and send me a comment if it made you laugh. Too bad they don't make videos like this anymore!

If this made you laugh, be sure to Porch It with me every once in a while. Sure, Rilo's Porch is a place where you can laugh, but I am also going to post on other more serious topics as well as try to connect you with other blog posts I find interesting. Nothing new here, but if you are interested in keeping up with me, this is a good place to start. I'm also on Facebook now.


Johnny and Alisha said...

Now that is how you kick off a new blog! That video was... Well, I laughed, I cried,...I was nauseated. It was an emotional roller coaster. The only regret I have is the inevitable nightmares for the next few weeks. Oh, well. It was worth it. I look forward to porchin' it with you regularly, and thanks for the invitation.

Love you bro,

Sam said...

Riles- it's a Browning cap, not Remington. By the way, are there any spit cups on this porch???

Riley said...

Sam, no spit cups on my porch. I had bad experiences with those in high school. My bad on the cap. I think your video is going to be a hit once the porch goes public. Thanks for all the encouragement and inspiration. I want to see your igoogle page on Wednesday!

Riley said...

Johnny, thanks for leaving a comment. I expect a lot of those from you. I know that your comments will probably be more wise and theologically insightful than any of my posts. That is what the porch is all about though.